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The Perfect Stocking Stuffers

The Perfect Stocking Stuffers
Ornaments, Garlands & Bows !
Snow falling, windows frosting, fireplace glowing…the perfect setting to wrap the wonderful presents bought in the last few months. Stockings hung by the chimney with care...Oh, wait!! A little something is missing... The last add-on... What can make a Christmas gift perfect? After putting up the tree, and hanging lights and decorations, who wants to spend their Saturday afternoon in a mall full of people? Stressed, angry or anxious people looking for the perfect last-minute gift…What if you could have the perfect holiday gift delivered right to your door! We have tons of ideas on how Elie's Bows is the place to shop this upcoming holiday season.

The PERFECT Gift Wrap
After using the most delicate wrapping paper, use an Elie’s bow to add to the wrapping instead of using a plain gift bow! It will add joy and fun to your present! 

The most beloved Advent Calendar 
Create fun and personalized Advent Calendar by hiding every morning a bow, a clip, or a headband somewhere in the house. Your children will surely love discovering 24 new hair accessories to add to their collections! 

Stocking Stuffers
Elie's Bows on the Shelf

Elie’s Bows simply makes the best stocking stuffers. Any of these accessories is sure to make little girl's or heck, let's face it, even mommy happy on Christmas morning! Daddy doesn't always know what to put in Mommy's stocking!
Share this blog post with them and nudge them in the right direction ;) 

Elf on the Shelf

Who says The Elf on the shelf is just a mischief maker? He can be the Happy Bow Carrier all through Christmas! It worked wonders last year at our house!! He especially loved all the embellishments bows! 

A «Bowtiful» Tree

Every little girl loves to have her own Christmas tree…
Why not decorate it with bows?!?
It will be great way to display her hair bow collection and reminisce about all the fun memories throughout the past year.
However, you celebrate the Holidays this season, be sure to visit Elie's Bows and grab all you can to make your gifts merry and bright! 

Happy Holidays!
From the Team at Elie's Bows

Stephanie G Tacci

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