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Freddy - 3.5"-Bows-Elie’s Bows
Freddy - 3.5"-Bows-Elie’s Bows

Freddy - 3.5"


A fun way for your little ones to style their outfits. Perfect for every day or to dress up their pretty little outfits. To see the finishing details, please zoom in & take a closer look. All our bows are handmade with love, and we pay close attention to detail. Rest assured that we use high-quality fabrics because we know that your little ones deserve the best. For more information on the bow please read the details below


  • Our bows are hand-made with high-quality vegan leather! Comfortable & most important holds hair well 
  • Patterns & colour may vary on each bow/product depending on the cut & lighting
  • all bows are secure, however for safety reasons please ensure your child does not put any of our bows in their mouth since they may pose choking hazards. Recommended age for embellishment bows is 5 years and up. The buyer assumes all responsibility.

Nylon Headbands:

  • All our bows are offered on beige nylon headbands unless otherwise indicated.
  • The soft nude nylon headbands will fit newborn to child. They expand and will not leave a dent, ensuring that they have long-lasting wear. Our alligator clips are perfect and remain in place for children with more hair.
  • Please note if Nylon headbands have no quantities left, you can always purchase a grow with me band to attach to the alligator clip. Click here to add a "Grow With Me" band to your cart. 

Alligator Clips:

  • All our bows are available on silver alligator clips with teeth
  • All bows are pre-made however if you have specifications on the direction of the bow, please indicate it in the comments. We will follow up with an email if the request is possible.



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    Hair Bows for Girls, Headbands and Hair Clips Online

    Whether you are an infant, toddler, child or adult; adorable and comfortable hair accessories such as bows, headbands and hair clips can be a simple touch to elevate the cuteness level of any look. At Elie's Bows, we pride ourselves on professionally crafting unique and handmade pieces with high-quality materials. By focusing on quality and attention to detail, our family-owned business has what it takes to brighten your child's day. We have the first subscription Bow Box in Canada, that gets you three exclusive bows every month delivered to your door. But that's not all, your subscription also comes with TONS of perks such as free shipping (within Canada and the United states), discounts on all future purchases (as long as you remain a member), and most importantly priority access to all of our new collections. If you are not located in Canada or the United States, don't worry, we still got you covered; we offer shipping worldwide and offer express delivery options!

    We all know the saying "confidence is key". As your little girl goes through the early stages of life, we want to ensure that they feel their best by looking their best. Let your little girl shine with some cute and unique hair accessories that will allow them to stand out in a crowd. Hair accessories can reflect a level of individuality that can allow your child to add a touch of their personality into every outfit. We pride ourselves in providing the perfect hair accessory to complete and compliment any outfit. With a variety of different colors and patterns, you can be sure that Elie's Bows is the one stop shop for all your hair accessory needs.

    We create exclusively handcrafted bows at an affordable price and have a wide selection of adorable hair accessories for you to choose from. If you can't find a hair accessory that speaks to you, we provide services to create your dream hair accessories.

    The Bows We Have to Offer

    Looking for the perfect hair accessory for that special occasion? Elie's Bows has got you covered, with a wide selection of high-quality hair bows, scrunchies, headbands, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. The bows we have in stock come in various forms, colors, and patterns. We also drop collections for different events such as Halloween, Easter, Valentines day, and Saint Patrick's day. Our website has a wide variety of bows:

    • - Our Charlotte bow ranges between 3.5 and 4.5 inches in size. Being available in a wide variety of colors, there are enough designs to complement you or your daughter's unique style. Several Charlotte bows come in patterns that reflect childhood experiences. This includes Halloween (Cobwebs, Count Dracula, Pumpkin Patch), sports (Soccer and Football), as well as Back to School (Pencils and Crayons).
    • - Our Hand-tied fabric bow focuses on brightening your little girl's day through a selection of bright colors that has light energy. This style of bows also comes in a large variety of patterns that provides symbolism that is recognizable to children.
    • - Our Glitter bows are perfect for all little girls who want to really stand out. They can come equipped with an alligator clip or a nylon headband based on your preference. They come in a large variety of colors and shapes that will surely make your daughter's day. Some patterns come in different colors so little girls with different color preferences can enjoy our glitter bows too!
    • - As for our Lilly Headband, it serves as a two-in-one option. Matching patterns or colors on both the headband and the hair bow, create a stunning look that is hard to find elsewhere. The bow actually slides off the headband, providing the user with three hair options. Just the bow (with a clip), just the headband, or put them both together to create our classic Lilly headband. Even better you can share the two pieces with someone to create a matching look between your little baby and their older sibling or even with mom.
    • Pigtails are also a staple at Elie's Bows. These cute hair accessories are the perfect way to style your daughter's hair with a new look. You can wear them with high pigtails, low pigtails, with braided or non-braided hair, or even wrapped pigtail buns.
    • - If you look at the sales section, you will find more unique bows that follow the same design philosophy as our Charlottes and fabric bows alongside ideal complementary apparel for your little one that is reminiscent of childhood wonders.
    • You can also get sets of original bows and accompanying accessories for your daughter. Sometimes one bow just isn't enough, so we sell some bows in sets.
    • - Solid bows are, as their name implies, hair bows whose design consists of a singular, solid color. They mostly come in colors in shades of red, pink, and purple, making them perfect for girls that are wearing such accessories for the first time.
    • What makes us special at Elie's Bows is our unique designs. We pride ourselves in delivering you never before scene designs that really make a statement and turn heads. These themed bows make up the heart of Elie's Bows. When we design new collections we pour our hearts into them and the results are really amazing. Just check here some of our reviews to see what our customers are saying.. Plenty of these designs will make your daughter look like a princess. From cute Easter bunnies to children's characters like Bluey, expect endless smiles from your daughter and yourself when you get a hold of one of these bows.

    Elie's Bows strives to bring joy into the lives of parents and their children. Children grow in a blink of an eye, and we want to be apart of this amazing journey. Hair bows, clips and headbands provide little girls with fun and innovative ways to style their hair and stand out. Hair accessories can provide a new way for your loved one to discover their personal sense of style. we are happy to provide unique and beautiful products that our customers love and have them coming back for more. If you have a question that cannot be answered by our FAQs, then feel free to contact us.