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About Us

I'm Lambrini, the owner & chief bow maker at Elie's Bows

Let me start off by saying THANK YOU! Without your support & love, we wouldn't be able to provide a brand that I am so proud to share with you all! 

The story of Elie's Bows is simple...I love dressing my daughter up in bows & making her feel like a princess! Even though I am hot mess (and I know moms can relate), my daughter never looked cuter. It was hard to find quality bows at an affordable price...which is the reason we began to make bows.

My vision for this business was to create affordable, quality hand made bows for your little ones & have your children light up with joy when receiving their order! 

What began as a pastime quickly evolved into a full-blown business & I couldn't be more grateful. Each bow that we create is hand crafted with love & attention! 

It's a definitively a family affair. My mother, my kids & my husband help with EVERYTHING, from picking out the fabrics to packaging your bows for delivery...we are all involved in the process. We challenge each other every day to bring this brand to the next level. We strive to create a brand that is unique and lovable. 

I love what I do & I am so grateful & blessed! I hope one day to pass down this business to my children & create a brand that is trusted around the world.