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Everything Times and Elie's Bows

Elie's Bowtiful Bows Hair Bows and Hair Accessories

Since starting this journey, I have been surprised about many little things, but one that stands out among others is when i was approached by Riaan Gupta who runs the magazine THE EVERYTHING TIMES. Riaan asked if I would consider answering a few questions about myself and our business because they were interested in our journey. I was elated that Riaan and the magazine thought about us as an inspiring person and company that I had to say yes! Can you believe Riaan is an 8 year old entrepreneurs running his own magazine?!? I was flattered to be featured in this arts & crafts edition. We spoke about origins of Elie's Bows, and about how I come up with ideas for our hair bows, headbands and hair accessories. Read on so see what we talked about.



By Riaan Gupta, Grade 2, The Priory School, Montreal, Canada
While thinking about all the people who make this world more colourful and beautiful, I asked my mom who could we celebrate this month? She told me about all the lovely artists that she buys handmade products from for both my baby sister and me, and one such person, who is not far from where I live, is Miss. Lambrini Calado, who owns "Elie's Bows." She makes the most amazing bows, which make my sister glitter!

I had an opportunity of interviewing Miss. Lambrini, and here is an excerpt from our interview.


Riaan: How long have you been making such beautiful bows? Do you have a favorite bow?
Miss. Lambrini: The story of Elie's Bows is simple, I love dressing my daughter up in bows and making her feel like a princess! It was hard to find quality bows at an affordable price, which is the reason I began making bows. I started making bows about 3 years ago as a part time job. At that time I was also working full time. When COVID hit, I knew I had to quit my job, and put all my love and concentration on my small business.


Riaan: Did you always want to have your own business of bows? Did your kids inspire you?
Miss. Lambrini: Oh I always wanted to own my own business. My father was a huge inspiration behind that. He moved to Canada at a very young age and established his business with minimal education. I always looked up to him and wanted to do the same. I knew that I could be successful as long as I was passionate, believed in myself and worked really hard. Now, to see my dreams come true is such an overwhelming feeling! It is truly a blessing. My kids are my on-going inspiration and motivation for everything I do.


Riaan: How good does it make you feel turning your passion into your work? Miss. Lambrini: I honestly love it! Many of our clients show me pictures of their beautiful children wearing our products and they are so happy. It's a blessing to be able to have my products in the special moments of all these children and families. I also love seeing the reaction of our clients when a new collection is released! So when a client shares her/his enthusiasm or excitement over the collection with me, it is my fuel to continue.


Riaan: Did you always like crafts at school?
Miss. Lambrini: Oh yes! Art Class was always my first pick and I have always been a very creative person. From a very young age, I loved to draw, paint, and create! I guess this kind of creativity stems from the same place


Riaan: How do you make bows? Do you dream about it and then design your dreams?
Miss. Lambrini: I am a very visual person, and when I am creating new bows, I first pick a theme, then find my fabrics and lay it all out in front of me, and then just dive in! The creative process is long and sometimes I don't want to stop! :) It is a team effort though. My mother, my kids & my husband help with EVERYTHING, from picking out the fabrics to packaging the bows for delivery, we are all involved in the process. We challenge each other every day to take this brand to the next level. We strive to create a brand that is unique and lovable. We one day hope to make this vision a reality around the globe. Oh and yes I often dream about bows too!

Thank you Riaan for your time and for thinking of us!
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