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Hair Bows… True Masterpieces!

Hair Bows… True Masterpieces!
Hair Bows Elie's Bows
Hair Bows… true masterpieces! 
Whether they are simple or detailed, plain or colourful, hair accessories are the perfect addition to any outfit. Hair Bows are especially great to make a statement. On a little girl, they are adorable and fun. On a woman’s head, they are chic and classy. Everyone can find the one that speaks to them. 
Elie’s Bows creates beautiful hair accessories but specializes in hair bows. With a new collection every month, they are the one place where bows are made with love and originality. They carry bows for EVERY occasion From New Year's Eve accessories, all the way to Christmas and everything in between. With glitter, tulle, embellishments or simple lace, every bow becomes a timeless masterpiece... 

How to pick a bow? 
When choosing a bow, many factors can come into play, but the most important one is, who will wear the bow? Smaller bows are perfect for little heads or little hairs which would slip through bigger clips. Elie’s Bows' smallest bow is approximately around 2 inches wide. The perfect size for your newborns head. When it comes to embellishments bows, those can become quite heavy, therefore it is suggested for a person with a good set of hair. They are often also around the 3.5-inch mark, and sometimes even bigger. It is also important to consider safety with embellishments bows. Although very well placed with a strong adhesive, embellishments can become a choking hazard for young children, so Elie's Bows recommends that you never leave your child alone with hair accessories.

Fabric Bows Elie's Bows
Fabric Bows

Elie’s Bows has a huge variety of fabric bows. Models like the Elie Mini & Elie are a great option for any season. They are light and fun. The Elie comes in 2 sizes, the regular 4.5 to 5 inches and the mini which sits at 3.5 inches. Made in a ton of prints and colours, they are the perfect casual bows. Made from a thicker fabric, the Sia & Norah also provide a good choice for simpler wear. On a personal note, one of my favourite fabric bows at Elie’s Bows is the Charlotte. With long tails, it is feminine and young.

Cheer Bows Elie's Bows

Cheer Bows

Available in 2 models, the Cheer Bow is a favourite among teens. They are fun and loud, just like a cheerleader! Elie's Bows offers Cheer bows in either Sequins or Rhinestone. Buy one style or both to complete your cheer leader outfits, or to spice up any hair do 

Glitter Bows Elie's Bows

Glitter Bows

A huge seller at Elie’s Bows is the glitter bow. They are fun, sparkly and will dress up any outfit! Largely produced in a 2.5-inch model, they are always created to be in sync with the season. Glow-in-the-dark glitters, pearl glitters, themed glitters, Elie’s Bows has them all. 

Pigtail Bows Elie's Bows

Pigtails Bows

Which little girl never had pigtails on her head? Why not make them even better with a pigtail set by Elie’s Bows? Sold in a set of two, they are 2.5-inches wide. These bows come in a variety of colours, themes, and patterns. 

Theme Set Hair Bows Elie's Bows
Themed sets 

A very interesting option when shopping at Elie’s Bows is the themed set of bows. Often sold in a 2 or 3 pieces set, it is a great idea for a gift. It provides a good start for a bow collector or to have someone discover Elie’s Bows shop. 


Embellishment Bows Elie's BowsEmbellishments Bows
The embellishment bows are without a doubt the reason why Elie’s Bows has been a front runner in the bow industry. They are spectacular, fun, creative, versatile and one-of-a-kind. They range in a variety of sizes and shapes. The embellishments are handmade with clay. They are sturdy and safely secured to the bows with a strong adhesive. The embellishments bows are always unique, innovative one of a kind.

Solid Bows Elie'sBowsSolid Bows
Simple and subtle, the Solid Bows are frequently sold out at Elie’s Bows. They create a beautiful look, casual and ageless. Available in many many shapes, sizes and colours, the options are endless. 

Hair bows are unique, exceptional and amusing.
They are handmade with love at Elie’s Bows, where dreams do come true. 

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