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Keep Heads Comfy and Stylish: Buy Soft Headbands for Newborns to Adults

Elie's Bows is a proudly owned small business that specializes in hand-crafting soft headbands. Unlike products that are manufactured by big corporations, our handmade pieces are sure to be unique and eco-friendly. As a mother of two beautiful children, I started this business with the intent to create quality hair accessories at affordable prices. What started off with designing and creating bows for my daughter, turned into a full-blown accessories shop for demographics including newborns, toddlers, teens, and even women.

All of our baby headbands are carefully crafted with love and attention to detail, to ensure that the quality of the products you purchase meets our company's standards. Elie's Bows uses only the finest materials, including soft and stretchy elastics and a variety of adorable fabrics, to create comfortable and fashionable headbands.

Whether you're looking for comfortable yet stylish infant hair accessories for your little one's first photo shoot or just a cute and practical way to keep her hair out of her eyes, Elie's Bows has a wide selection of headbands that's sure to fit the bill. Our headbands for girls are offered in a range of sizes and styles to suit any taste, from classic solid colors to fun patterns and prints. These handcrafted headbands add something unique, useful, and distinctive to any little girl's outfit.

Elie's Bows is committed to offering outstanding customer service and takes pride in making sure that every one of its customers is happy with their purchase. Look no further than Elie's Bows if you're looking for high-quality, handmade headbands for your little ones, including newborn headbands and headbands for baby girls.

Handmade Soft Headbands for Newborns to Adults

Elie's Bows is aware of how critical the development of parent-child relationships is. A simple way to make lasting memories can be accomplished by styling your child's hair in the morning with one of our soft headbands.

We provide a large selection of fashionable and comfy handcrafted baby girl headbands at Elie's Bows. Our headbands are the ideal accessory to help your baby girl stand out simply because they are made using the finest materials available. You can create priceless memories that will last a lifetime by dressing up your child in one of our headbands.

Some of the beautiful headbands for babies we sell at Elie's Bows include:

  • Baby Girl Headbands: Elie's Bows offer a wide variety of fashionable handcrafted baby girl headbands that prioritize comfort. Our assortment of Soft headbands is perfect for removing hair from your face securely while not being heavy, preventing discomfort. We have a large selection of different styles and patterns including Christmas themes, cat themes, mini headbands, and headbands with a bow. These baby girl headbands can be the simple detail that complements the style of your little one's outfit.
  • Headbands with Bows for Babies: Our handmade headbands with bows for babies are both stylish and functional for any occasion. These bows are made with great-quality materials such as nylon, which is both stronger and stretchier than other fabrics. This allows babies to wear the headbands with comfort, as the material is designed to fit securely on your baby's head without being restrictive. With our wide range of colors and prints, there is a headband with a bow for your baby's adorable outfit.
  • Little Girl Headbands: Our handmade little girl headbands are perfect for parents to save time on their little girl's hairstyles for outgoing occasions which gives them a more stylish look and makes them feel comfortable. Every handcrafted headband is designed to fit securely on your little girl's head and is available in a large number of colors, prints, and embellishments. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, Elie's Bows headbands are the perfect accessory to make your little girl stand out.
  • Newborn Headbands: Give your Newborn that super cute look for every occasional outing. Elie's Bows provides headbands that are handcrafted for the needs of super cute newborns. There are benefits to using soft headbands on newborns, such as protecting their skin and avoiding hairline damage. Our baby headbands are made of soft and breathable materials like nylon Our newborn hair bows and headbands for babies are sure to get your little ones many compliments on their outfits.
  • Soft Headbands for Babies: Baby hair accessories such as our great quality handmade soft headbands are the perfect accessory for parents who want their little ones to look super cute and feel comfortable. Our hair bows and headbands are designed to fit snugly and securely on your baby's head, ensuring that they stay in place while also being gentle on delicate skin. With our wide range of colors, prints, and embellishments, there is a headband for every occasion.
  • Soft Headbands for Teens & Adults: Elie's Bows has a wide collection of handcrafted headbands that are perfect for Teens and Mums on the go. Our quality headbands come with different patterns, colors and embellishments that are made ready for their everyday hairstyles. At Elie's Bows, we know that every teen and woman needs to have a soft headband in their hair accessory collection to compliment their everyday style and outfit . Our materials are soft and stretchy, allowing them to provide a comfortable and long-lasting comfortable look for the whole day.