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How to tame a bad hair day

Elie's Bows Tame a bad hair day
A bad hair day is always around the corner…
Whether you are 4 or 40, most women love to compliment their outfits with beautiful, quality hair accessories. It is the little “je-ne-sais-quoi” that adds the finishing touch to a look...
But let’s face it.. we don’t always have time for a morning shower, a blow dry or to plug in our straightener. This is when these little treasures come in to save the (bad hair) day!
Elie’s Bows is a Montreal-based family-owned company that creates handmade hair accessories such as scrunchies, clips and headbands. It is your one-stop shop for everything you and your mini need to look fun and sophisticated on any day!

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What is this piece of material wrapped around a hair tie? Heaven. That’s what. It is the perfect way to dress up a simple bun. Elie’s Bows creates a multitude of scrunchies in different styles, prints and colours. 

 Simple Scrunchies 

 Perfect for any day, any season, any 
 occasion. It will easily match any 
 outfit from casual, to sporty and also classy. Available in many prints like floral or solid colours. 



Tail Scrunchies 

With a little twist to an old favourite, the tail scrunchies come with a removable tail bow. You can find them in different colours, prints, and even different materials. A huge seller here at Elie’s Bows is the velvet tail scrunchies. Little girls adore wearing them! Also, the tail can be removed and worn separately with the help of an alligator clip (also available at the shop). 

Satin Scrunchies

The ultimate elegant scrunchies. Soft and shiny, it is the perfect ballerina accessory. Also part of the elegance collection, satin scrunchies are offered with a long tail for a classy and stylish look. Also a fan favourite for older teens...


Themed Scrunchies

Every season is widely covered here at Elie’s Bows. Themed scrunchies are always part of every collection created. They are fun, versatile and a subtle way to celebrate the season. From the Santa scrunchies to the Easter Bunny scrunchies, you are sure to find the one that speaks to you. They have sports-themed, food-themed, and even light-up scrunchies! Oh yes, and one of my absolute favourites, the Waterproof scrunchies!!!! 

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For mommy or baby, this little accessory is a must. It is offered in such a huge variety of styles, colours and themes, you are sure to find the one that suits your hair type. 

Snap clips

These snap clips are back in style with a twist. Covered by a beautiful print, they come in their original shape or rectangular. Some also come wrapped in ribbon to expose the hair in the middle. They are sturdy and really hold your hair in place. Available in so many different prints, it is impossible not to find one you like.


Bar clips

Set on an alligator clip, the bar clip is the perfect way to match the bow or scrunchies around your ponytail. Often offered with a clay embellishment, they are fun and sweet. It holds the hair in place and doesn’t slide down. Children absolutely love wearing them. 


Baby bling

Specially created for baby hairs, the two-inch Baby Bling clip will hold the thinnest hairs. Perfect for the miniature ponytail on the baby’s head. Again, it is offered in a multitude of colours and prints.


Themed clips

Every holiday, every season, and every themed collection created at Elie’s Bows includes clips. Whether it’s a bar clip or a snap clip, you will find different prints and embellishments representing the season ahead. Their originality makes them one-of-a-kind hair accessories. 



It is the ultimate chic accessory for mommy. Whether is it to cover some gray roots, to hide a bad hair day or simply to hold your hair back, the hard headband is a must. You will be able to match any outfit with the huge selection offered at Elie’s Bows. Chic or fun, simple or bedazzled, every hard headband has one thing in common; comfort. Not too tight behind the ears, it is comfortable to wear throughout the day. 


So whether opting for a fast bun on a Monday morning or a jewelled headband for an upcoming celebration, Elie’s Bows offers Mommy and Mini the perfect handmade hair accessory! 

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